TV Talking Head Quote/Meme Template Art

TV Talking Head Quote/Meme Template Art

By mike flugennockSaturday - October 20th, 2018Categories: mediaTags:, , ,

Fresh off the drawing board, a new quote/meme template for all those favorite TV news talkers’ hot shit takes on Twitter and elsewhere. Included here is a “serving suggestion” on the letter-size screen-resolution meme/quote template. The typeface here is Gotham family Book and Medium, but any clean, modern sans-serif face will work.

Aside from the quality of the journalism, another thing I hate about TV these days is the total lack of satisfaction you get from snatching your set off the table and pitching it through the window into the street. Those old CRT sets with the big-ass tube and the transformer in ‘em had some real mass, and required a major revolutionary commitment to pick that sucker up and heave it.

Blank templates:
Letter-size medium-res .jpg image for inkjet/laser printing, 799kb
Letter-size screen resolution .jpg image for Web, blogs, social media, 264kb

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