Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children?

Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children?

By mike flugennockSunday - April 16th, 2017Categories: Middle East, War on Terror, war and peaceTags:, , ,

When Uncle Sam starts waving the bloody dead children around, you know they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to lame excuses for war. It’s a wheeze that goes back to World War I and earlier. It’s as if they aren’t even trying anymore.

Here’s House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — a classic craven, crawling Democrat if ever there was one — with just the kind of lame, basic horseshit that really sticks in my goddamn’ craw:

Is there any chance La Nan gave any thought to the children of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Gaza, and everywhere else the US has slaughtered children — either directly or by proxy — in the past twenty or thirty years? Any chance she thought of the thousands of black youth murdered by police in the past twenty, twenty-five years? Nahh, not a chance in hell, are you kidding?

Then came this huge blooper, about a week after Nancy’s uninspired pro-war queefage:

So, they were “mistakenly identified” as ISIS, then? So, if the Post says they were “Allied Forces”, then it’s probably better than even money that a few of them were kids. D’ohhh.

And let’s not forget — Nancypants is no stranger to kissing up to warmongers. Check her out here: first on NBC “Today” in 2002 describing how the Democrats stand “shoulder to shoulder” with Bush as he lied us into war in Iraq; then on “Meet The Press” in 2006, talking about how the Democrats are “not about impeachment…”. Oh, how I laughed:

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