Reinventing Government no.2

Reinventing Government no.2

By mike flugennockFriday - October 1st, 1993Categories: Clintontime, war and peaceTags:,

Right there it was, smack dab on the front of the Washington Post, this Major, this UN military mission flack, spewing what had to be one of the most twisted, most spectacularly weird and otherworldly excuses ever made for something like spraying unarmed protesters in the streets with machine-gun fire from helicopters and President Bubba, from all reports at the time, being totally OK with that.


One of my friends in one of the crews we had out with this piece tells an interesting story: that night, while saturating Dupont Circle and vicinity with this one, my friend’s crew is beseiged by five or six young College Democrat types whining, “It’s not Bill’s fault!”… sort of a precursor to Chris “Leave Britney Alone!” Crocker at least nine years pre-YouTube. Yeah, that’s right; my pal and his crew were harassed by Liberals for putting up anti-war posters.

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