No Justice, No Nuthin’

No Justice, No Nuthin’

By mike flugennockMonday - July 15th, 2013Categories: Obamarama, liberty, mediaTags:, ,

As I post this, it’s been nearly two days, and I’m still so pissed off that I can hardly see straight — and the really sad thing is that I’m not the least bit surprised. I pretty much learned to expect this after the Rodney King beating verdict.

Meanwhile, across the country, there’ve been some demonstrations, but… not one general strike called, not one student walkout called, not one serious uprising of the people who should be the most enraged about this. Seems they’re all either praying, or just standing around holding signs — or, as the media like to call it today, “an outcry”.

“No Justice, No Peace”? Huh, more like “No Justice, M’eh”.

Everyone is crying out for peace yes
None is crying out for justice

I don’t want no peace
I need equal rights and justice

–Peter Tosh

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