By mike flugennockTuesday - June 11th, 2013Categories: Obamarama, War on Terror, liberty, mediaTags:, , , ,

The recent outbreak of revelations regarding the mass surveillance and data mining operations against American citizens by the NSA made it rather serendipitous that I’d finally get around to finishing this poster — a parody of this Apple iPhone ad — this week.

Actually, this idea’s been rattling around for nearly a month, inspired by the revelations concerning the Justice Department’s data slurping of Associated Press phone records, the surveillance of Tea Party groups’ tax records by the IRS, the fiasco at the US “consulate” in Benghazi, Obama’s tap-dancing over the Keystone XL pipeline, the US State’s shielding Monsanto against consequences for its bullying of farmers over the accidental spread of GMO plants onto their lands — and the notorious “Obama Phone Lady” video from the last Presidential freak circus.

16×21 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 1.1mb

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