Spill? What Spill?

Spill? What Spill?

By mike flugennockTuesday - April 16th, 2013Categories: environment, mediaTags:, , , ,

Time for another headline news update, with Barbie Anchorbabe. Our top story is, for some unearthly reason, anything at all but the massive oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas which resulted from a rupture in Exxon’s tar sands oil pipeline.

The even bigger story is the way Exxon blocked media from accessing the scene, and the FAA allowing Exxon to prevent air traffic from passing over the scene. The most reprehensible part of that story is the reaction of the corporate media to Exxon’s Soviet behavior — to sheepishly shrug its shoulders, slinking away with its tail between its legs, returning to its glitzy studios to continue whining about the sequester, pimping the phony Korean war threat, and cheering itself hoarse for gay marriage (MSNBC, I’m looking at you).

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