Skeet-Shooter In Chief

Skeet-Shooter In Chief

By mike flugennockTuesday - February 5th, 2013Categories: Obamarama, Party Animals, mediaTags:, , ,

After the last cartoon, I promised myself I wouldn’t do any more cartoons about the current ongoing lame-assed, phony gun-control circus. Then, after several days of brouhaha about how Obama goes skeet shooting all the time, the White House conveniently released this photo of our Boy Emperor skeet shooting which was actually taken last summer sometime — and, well… I just couldn’t resist.

Why am I not surprised that after weeks of Liberal-style yammering about gun violence and murdered children, Obummer suddenly decides to release this photo in a blatant, weak attempt to pander to the NRA clowns? Typical, really — fake left, run right: classic Obama.

The next four years can’t go by fast enough for me.

11×17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 620kb.

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