Weighted Down by the ’80s?

Weighted Down by the ’80s?

By mike flugennockMonday - May 25th, 1981Categories: Reagan Years, media, right wingnutsTags:, ,

These days, our gentle punditocracy would call the mom and dad shown below “values voters”, but back then we just called them “right-wing religious-freak nutjobs” — not quite as elegant, but more truthfully desciptive. Another better-known Yipster Times/Overthrow piece, a back-cover subscription ad poster from the summer of ‘81 which asked its readers the question, “Weighted Down By The ’80s?” That’s right, not a year into the new decade, and every aspect of life — workers’ rights, reproductive rights, civil liberties, education, popular culture — was hammer-down on the highway to hell.


You know when an outfit calls itself “Focus On The Family”, all of our families are in huge-ass trouble.

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