#TwitterLeft #LeftTwitter

#TwitterLeft #LeftTwitter

By mike flugennockFriday - August 24th, 2018Categories: liberty, mediaTags:, , , , , ,

For quite some time, the US Left has been under attack by social media corporations while Nazis filled the media with their whining about free speech rights when slanderous, violence-inciting fascist mouthpieces like Alex Jones were finally shown the door at Facebook.

Meanwhile, while the US Left was having a conniption over Alex Jones, Facebook got a wild hair up its assĀ and decided to jerk Leftist news network TelSur around, taking down its page for the second time, replacing it after the US Left finally managed to pull its mouth off of Alex Jones’ ass and raise hell on behalf of an actual journalistic outlet under threat by US corporate censorship.

Shortly after that, Twitter got a wild hair of its own and started wholesale banning and suspending long-time Leftist activist and journalism accounts. This, on top of the TeleSur issue, seemed to be the backbreaker; seemingly overnight, Leftist Twitter users by the thousands migrated to Mastodon, a free/open-source decentralized non-corporate-owned Twitter alternative. I set up my account there this past spring, after my third trip to the Twitter Time-Out Corner — once for saying “fuck” to Jonathan Chait — and in the midst of my no less than a dozen account locks in which I was required to supply my mobile number and do the Stupid Captcha Tricks in order to unlock my account.

These days, mastodon.social is the new home to a growing portion of Twitter Left “exiles” — bubbling with happy activity — conversation, networking, organizing, conspiring, plotting, posting cat fotos — a peaceful, positive space with no ads, no marketing, no censorship, no Brockbots, no Nazis — and no Jack.

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