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Separation of Church’n'State

By mike flugennockMonday - March 16th, 1981Categories: Reagan Years, right wingnuts, war and peace

Ahh, the re-emergence of conservatism. Morning in America. A great time to be an American, as long as you were rich, well-connected, and/or a raving religous freak — like the Rev. Jerry Falwell of Lynchburg, VA (creepily, right near where I went to college) who suddenly was a nationwide rock’n'roll star who pissed on the separation of Church and State the First Amendment, and who was insisting that “what Jesus would do” would be to build a couple of new aircraft carriers and an orbital missile defense system and station a naval task force in the Persian Gulf…

thatsallfolks550wThis piece states what I think Jesus would’ve done, which, in keeping with proper conservative fiscal policy, would be to save a buttload of cash by converting all those cute little old Baptist churches out there with those cute little old steeples into missile silos, as long as we were in the process of bringing God back to government.

Seriously, though… could you imagine being in your pew one Sunday morning when the klaxons go off in town and the preacher unlocks the cover on the firing button and cuts that sucker loose? It’d probably look like that one scene in one of the early Planet Of The Apes sequels, which sucked (but then, all sequels suck, pretty much), but had this one memorable scene where a bunch of second-generation mutant survivors are in a makeshift church where there’s a single, unfired, loaded missile launcher at the pulpit; all the “congregation” are singing this nasty discordant hymn, and the “minister” finishes the service by mashing the “launch” button. Well, that one scene was really cool — even though the rest of it sucked — and, anyway, that’s what it’d look like.

That’s all, folks.

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Swearing In “Nobody”

By mike flugennockTuesday - November 4th, 1980Categories: Reagan Years, elections, right wingnuts

One Yippie issue campaign I got the biggest kick out of was their “Nobody For President” campaigns — basically a campaign for not voting — that YIP began in the early ’70s and reached a peak around the late ’70s/early ’80s. It made perfect sense to me when I thought about it: who solved our energy problems of last decade? Who put a short leash on the nuclear power industry? Who ended human-rights abuses in East Timor? Who pushed for comprehensive campaign-finance and election reforms after the Watergate scandals? Who sought to end human-rights abuses by CIA-backed regimes in Central and South America? That’s right, nobody… well, except for that last one, which was Sen. Frank Church, but, still…


This was a proposed poster illustration for the Yippies’ traditional Counterinaugural Protest and Evening Bash, celebrating The Inauguration Of Nobody To No Office At All, held in DC to coincide with the “official” installation of El Presidente. It wasn’t picked, but then at the time, I was competing against the likes of Dana Franzen and Peter “Bugs” Bramley to publish work for national event posters, tough going for a fresh kid right out of school — and the Yipster Times had some serious circulation for an underground paper at the time. Still, this managed to make it into the DC Yippie ‘zine as part of a locally-produced poster, and was picked up by the Yipster Times, anyway, a couple of months after that.

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